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3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage as a Family

Honor Latino experiences and stories with books, podcasts, movies, and TV shows.

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Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the diversity of Latin American cultures and the achievements of Latinos present and past. While we honor Hispanic heritage year-round, this month-long celebration gives us a platform to highlight our stories, traditions, and contributions.

Are you looking for ways to share your culture with your children, or deepen their connection to your family's heritage? Do you want to learn about and explore cultures different from your own? The tips and resources here can help you and your children celebrate Hispanic heritage as a family!

Honoring the Experiences of Latin Americans

Books are a fantastic way to explore the stories of Hispanic and Latino people around the world. Families can read about the importance of cultural traditions, the ups and downs of learning another language, and a multitude of immigration experiences. Kids' self-esteem and connection to community get a boost when they see themselves and their families represented in stories. Plus, reading together gives families a way to bond and start conversations.

You can use books to help you talk about the history of your family and ancestors. Stories can give you ways to teach kids about your family's traditions and pass them down to the next generation. And bilingual books or books in Spanish can support your child's language development and connection with their heritage.

Check out books with Latino characters and bilingual books for true stories of history-makers, fiction based on relatable experiences, and more.

Exploring Our Latin American Cultures and Traditions

The cultures and traditions of Latin America are as diverse as the people. From Mexico's Día de los Muertos to Colombia's Día de las Velitas and Puerto Rico's Parrandas, Latin American celebrations have distinct traditions, music, food, and art.

Families can celebrate Hispanic heritage by learning more about the communities, celebrations, and traditions of Latinos around the world. Try these podcasts, which feature stories and voices from Puerto Rico, Colombia, ancient Mayan culture, and beyond. Kids will see themselves and others in the relatable characters and hosts.

Hands-on activities can be another great way to connect with your own family's history and traditions. How about cooking some Venezuelan arepas, Argentinian asado, or a recipe from your childhood? Or consider creating your own board games, like this DIY Lotería, the Mexican version of Bingo, or a Pirinola.

Seeing Ourselves on the Screen

Did you know that Latinos make up 19% of the U.S. population, yet only 8% of characters in children's TV shows are Latinos?

If you grew up Latino, you might have noticed that you rarely saw people who looked like you on the screen. Even today, finding entertainment that represents Latino people without stereotypes is challenging. When kids see well-rounded, positive characters who look like them, they feel better about themselves and others in their communities.

Have a family movie night and watch a great movie that highlights Latinos. Get inspired by a story, character, or actor from your family's own culture with movies featuring Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and South American leads. Or have a TV show marathon with one of these TV series with Latino characters and creators.

Remember to take some time after the movie or show to ask questions and let everyone share opinions!

There's still more work to do, but we've seen progress in how Latinos and Latino culture are valued on and off the screen. Let's celebrate our rich heritage and take pride in our contributions beyond Hispanic Heritage Month.

As José Antonio Tijerino, president and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, said: "You are not lucky to be here. The world needs your perspective. They are lucky to have you."

Discover even more ways to celebrate Hispanic heritage as a family.

Andrea Moreno Porto

Andrea is a bilingual Communications and Journalism professional, and she's been part of the Common Sense team since 2016. She has ten years of experience building and managing relationships with the Latino audience by understanding their cultural needs. As the Senior Manager, Audience Engagement and Distribution, she manages marketing projects for the Family and Community Engagement team (FACE) and oversees and leads the FACE Social Media Strategy. Additionally, she works as on-camera talent for our videos and reviews, supports Common Sense Latino media outreach, and serves as the spokesperson for Spanish Language media interviews. You can find her running, biking, reading on the beach, or enjoying an authentic Colombian cup of coffee in her free time.