Best for Learning: Our Recommendations for Families

Discover the best in learning apps, games, and websites for your kids. "Best of" lists offer handpicked, carefully reviewed titles grouped by category. Topics range from skills essential to life and work in the 21st century, to traditional academic subjects, to recommendations for particular settings or types of kids. And these titles are FUN! After all, excited, engaged kids are primed for learning.

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Dora the Explorer Poster Image

Dora the Explorer Movies, Games, and More

Play, sing, and learn with kids' favorite bilingual explorer.

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Podcasts and Audio Apps for Kids

Podcasts aren't just for grown-ups, so find one your whole family can enjoy.

Civilisations AR Poster Image

Cool Online Museums for Curious Kids

Explore art, science, and history from around the world.

Khan Academy Poster Image

Apps That Act Like Math and Science Tutors for Homework Help

When homework has everyone stumped, these apps can help.

Busy Shapes 2 Poster Image

Fun Apps That Don't Need Wi-Fi or Data

Sometimes you can't stay connected, but these apps will let the fun continue!

Kahoot! Algebra 2 by DragonBox Poster Image

Teen Math Apps

As teens move on to more complex math concepts, they can use these tools to keep pace.

Bedtime Math Poster Image

20 Apps and Sites for Kids Who Hate Math

Things just don't add up when your kid can't stand math, but these tools can help.

Duolingo ABC - Learn to Read Poster Image

20 Apps for Kids Who Think Reading Is Boring

For some kids, picking up a book is like torture. Take the sting out of text and find a fun inroad with these apps.

BFT - Bear Focus Timer Poster Image

18 Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused

From little kid to teen, all kids get distracted (adults, too!), so consider using some tech to keep them on track.


19 Quirky Apps That Can Help Your Kid Learn

These apps are bizarre in the best ways -- and they offer learning opportunities.

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27 Apps and Sites for Gifted and Talented Kids

Though these tools are great for all kids, they have special appeal for kids who need an extra challenge.

Desmos Graphing Calculator Poster Image

Best Math Games for 7th Grade

If your kids need extra practice or help with middle school math, check out this list of tools.

Khan Academy Poster Image

Best Math Games for 6th Grade

Middle school is all about changes -- including in math class -- and these tools can help ease any tough math transitions.

Marble Math Poster Image

Best Math Games for 5th Grade

Use these tools to help your kid master new math skills.

Mystery Math Town Poster Image

Best Math Games for 4th Grade

Whether your kid needs extra practice or a fun way to pass the time, these apps are sure to please.

myBlee Math Poster Image

Best Math Games for 3rd Grade

Give your kid's math skills a boost with these fun games.

Cyberchase Shape Quest! Poster Image

Best Math Games for 2nd Grade

Keep your kid's love of numbers alive with these super-fun tools.

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox Poster Image

Best Math Games for 1st Grade

Plus and minus equal new math skills for your first-grader, and these apps can help reinforce their learning.

Bedtime Math Poster Image

Best Math Games for Kindergarten

Help your kid start math with a strong foundation using these great tools.

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Games Like Minecraft

Perfect picks if you have a Minecraft fan on your hands.