Black History on the Screen: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Always spurring innovation, the skills of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are essential for furthering our society. From the invention of the traffic light to pioneering a new heart surgery for children, Black scientists, mathematicians, technologists, and engineers have been vital in advancing their fields. The movies and TV shows on this list honor the work that has been furthered by Black innovators. After you've finished watching, spark a discussion with your kids about the significant advancements made by Black contributors and the importance of them receiving credit for their work. And when you're done here, come back to discover more Black history in dance, games, and sports; arts, business, and culture; and activism, civics, and social justice.

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Garrett's Gift Poster Image

Garrett's Gift

age 5+

Smart animation introduces African-American inventor.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2007)
Woman in Motion Poster Image

Woman in Motion

age 8+

Docu about role model Nichelle Nichols inspires, delights.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2019)
Your Attention Please Poster Image

Your Attention Please

age 8+

Unapologetic tour of Afro-aesthetics; fab docu for all.

Network: Hulu (2020)
Hidden Figures Poster Image

Hidden Figures

age 10+

Inspiring true story of African American women at NASA.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2016)
Hello World Poster Image

Hello World

age 11+

Tech documentary gently tackles racial, gender inequality.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2020)
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Poster Image

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

age 12+

Superb true tale of remarkable teen; some violence.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2019)
Concussion Poster Image


age 13+

Football is the villain in earnest but predictable drama.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2015)
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Poster Image

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

age 15+

Real-life tearjerker shows how lies hurt, truth heals.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2017)
See You Yesterday Poster Image

See You Yesterday

age 15+

Teens travel back in time; violence, language.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2019)
Something the Lord Made Poster Image

Something the Lord Made

age 15+

Black man becomes heart surgery pioneer; language, violence.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2004)