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Fun Ways to Enjoy the World Cup as a Family

Bring everyone together for the global celebration and make memories over the screen.

Family with parents/caregivers, two kids, and grandparent cheering while watching TV

A single game of soccer has it all: thrill, drama, passion. It's no wonder millions around the world call it the beautiful game.

This year, the men's FIFA World Cup kicks off on November 20. Hosted every four years, the World Cup is a much-awaited occasion for fans everywhere. It's a special moment for people to gather over community, culture, and, of course, competition. And here's the best part: It's a family-friendly event that kids and adults can enjoy together. So get everyone from the grandparents to the little ones in front of the TV to cheer on your favorite team!

Here are some ways for families to make memories over the global celebration.

Teach your children about life skills

Watching sports together lets you point out examples of life skills to your children. Focus their attention on what's happening in the game, like how the players behave or show their feelings. Talk with them about the importance of teamwork and fair play.

It's also a good way to teach kids about winning and losing, both in games and at other times. Show them how players on the losing side congratulate the winners at the end of every game. Seeing these kinds of situations on-screen and talking it through with adults can boost children's empathy.

Talk about role models

Ruud van Nistelrooy or Thierry Henry? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Generations of fans have debated about their favorite players. Many of these elite athletes are also role models for children, both on and off the pitch. If soccer was a part of your own childhood, share stories about players you looked up to. Ask grandparents, elders, and other loved ones to do the same. Not only is this a bonding experience, it's a way for kids to relate to what they're watching on TV.

Plus, introduce your children to heroes like Marcus Rashford and Megan Rapinoe. Watch shows and movies about legends of the sport to inspire them to do good and be proud of who they are.

Learn about different countries and cultures together

The World Cup is a fantastic time to explore the countries competing in the tournament. Maybe your family supports the country of your roots, a sacred tradition passed down over generations. Or maybe you're new to the sport and decided to cheer for a different nation.

Use this moment to help your kids connect with their own heritage and learn about places they're less familiar with. It's a fun way to get them learning about the people, languages, food, and more. And if your family likes to get competitive, you can quiz each other about the countries at halftime!

Test your skills on the pitch, outside or online

The fun doesn't have to end at the final whistle of the match. Which player or team from the tournament inspired you all the most? Grab a ball and practice your skills at the park together. Or for your family game nights, challenge each other to a game of FIFA 23.

Playing games with adults and siblings can help children with their development. It gives them a chance to ask questions and make connections with what they watch and play. You can also spark conversations on chasing (and scoring) goals in life, and what that means to your family.

Raisa Masood

Raisa is passionate about helping kids thrive, which has led to her making a career out of reading and watching children's media. As a content editor at Common Sense, she works on tips and advice for families on managing entertainment and tech at home. She has previously worked in children's publishing and at nonprofit organizations. Raisa holds a bachelor's degree in Global Business and Marketing from Fordham University. She loves to read, travel, and watch football (aka soccer). You can find her exploring New York City during her free time, and trying to hunt down the best dumplings in the city (she has a never-ending list).