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Story Pirates podcast art: the show's name in big black letters and a pirate flag sit over a blue background with white stripes

Story Pirates

age 5+

Silly stories by kids adapted as sketch comedy and songs.

Production company: Gimlet Media (Average run time: 25 minutes)
Are you afraid of the dark the official podcast logo, hand holding a candle in a forest

Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Official Podcast

age 10+

Classic creepy horror series enters the podcast world.

Production company: Nickelodeon (Average run time: 16 minutes)
The Royals of Malibu podcast logo, silhouette of a couple in the background

The Royals of Malibu

age 16+

Edgy romance pod has sex, drugs and mature themes.

Production company: Diversion (Average run time: 28 minutes)
Fierce Girl with blue shirt and orange background

Fierce Girls

age 7+

Powerful stories of brave women in Australian history.

Production company: ABC KIDS Listen , Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Average run time: 15 minutes)
Grown podcast logo, three people standing over a river looking at their reflections

Grown, a podcast from The Moth

age 12+

Storytelling pod reflects on awkwardness of growing up.

Production company: The Moth , PRX (Average run time: 27 minutes)
Koko sleep podcast logo koala bear sitting on a rock playing guitar.

Koko Sleep - Kids Bedtime Stories & Meditations

age 3+

Calming stories and meditations teach healthy sleep habits.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 32 minutes)
girl tales podcast logo, pink fist holding a wand

Girl Tales

age 4+

Reimagined fairy tales ditch the "damsel in distress" trope.

Production company: Cordelia Studios (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Black background, teal and white books fly around behind white block letters that say "HEY YA" and below, "Book Riot"

Hey YA

age 13+

A showcase of new and diverse young adult books.

Production company: Book Riot (Average run time: 45 minutes)
The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories Podcast logo

The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories

age 9+

Classic story retold with vivid sound effects; some violence

Production company: Audible Original Podcast (Average run time: 20 minutes)
B&N YA Podcast Logo

The B&N YA Podcast

age 12+

Interview style podcast brings in authors of famous novels.

Production company: Barnes and Noble (Average run time: 39 minutes)
Treasure Island 2020

Treasure Island 2020

age 8+

Modern retelling of classic novel; some peril and swordplay.

Production company: Gen-Z Media , BYU Radio (Average run time: 30 minutes)
Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr. podcast image

Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr.

age 4+

Stories about sleep with characters from Netflix Jr. shows.

Production company: Netflix (Average run time: 14 minutes)
Adventure in Atacama podcast art

Adventure in Atacama

age 10+

Audio choose-your-own-adventure about communication.

Production company: Studio Ochenta (Average run time: 8 minutes)
Milky Way Underground Podcast Poster

Milky Way Underground

age 10+

Dream-like journey mirrors real life issues; heavier topics.

Production company: TRAX from PRX (Average run time: 20 minutes)
African Folktales poster

African Folktales with Miss Jo Jo

age 5+

Traditional African stories for young kids; strong values.

Production company: ABF Creative (Average run time: 7 minutes)
Greeking Out Podcast Poster

Greeking Out

age 8+

Greek myths packed with action, humor, and lots of battles.

Production company: National Geographic Kids (Average run time: 24 minutes)
Little Stories Everywhere poster

Little Stories Everywhere

age 5+

Imaginative tales engage, show integrity, some diversity.

Production company: Wondery , Wondery Kids (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Circle Round poster

Circle Round

age 2+

Diverse folktales boast star-worthy cast, great messages.

Production company: WBUR (Average run time: 19 minutes)
Spanish Stories for Kids poster

Spanish Stories for Kids

age 4+

Mom and son retell kids' stories in Spanish.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 10 minutes)
Cultureverse poster


age 8+

Modern takes on diverse cultural folktales; light peril.

Production company: Studio Ochenta , TRAX from PRX (Average run time: 20 minutes)