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YouTube Kids Channels with Diverse Representations

Creators and characters offering positive portrayals for all kids.

Kids' YouTube Channels with Diverse Representations

The media we consume has a profound influence on how we see, understand, and treat people, both those from the same or a different race or ethnicity. And research shows a connection between kids' healthy self-esteem and positive portrayals in media. They look for cues in their social environment to develop and shape their understanding of ethnic-racial groups.

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, feature diverse characters and creators -- reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical -- and offer positive portrayals for all kids.

Bino & Fino (age 2-4)
Bino and Fino are siblings from Nigeria who teach children about African music, art, culture, and history through their daily adventures.

Canta Con Jess (age 2-4)
Did you know that "Canta con Jess" means "Sing with Jess" in Spanish? There's mucho más (that means "much more") to learn with this sing-along series focused on Spanish language and early learning concepts. Co-viewing is encouraged so that everyone can sing and learn together!

Kujo's Kid Zone (age 2-4)
Grab your "imagination helmet" and enter Kujo's Kid Zone! Episodes encourage children to problem-solve and explore their worlds while teaching lessons of kindness and diversity. The learning extends beyond the screen with prompts to continue the conversation at home.

Kids' Black History (age 5-7)
Join Raiyah and her teacher mom as they share lessons about Black history. In addition to exploring fun topics like the most interesting animals in Africa, kids will also hear about the great contributions of Black inventors and more.

The Paper Girls Show (age 5-7)
This award-winning animated series inspires girls (and all kids!) to imagine, create, and design solutions to problems. Caily and Reese use problem-solving and STEM skills to solve real-world problems. Kids are encouraged to make projects at home with DIY tutorials and embrace and grow after mistakes.

Alphabet Rockers (age 5-10)
This diverse group of performers offers powerful songs that inspire kids to be change-makers, stand up to hate, and embrace their beautiful selves. It's music with a message.

Hevesh5 (age 5-10)
In every video, Lily Hevesh creates mesmerizing domino art -- and viewers can't help but watch the chain reactions as those dominoes fall! She inspires kids to be creative and get involved in STEAM activities and hobbies.

Ubongo Kids (age 5-10)
Ubongo Kids follows the problem-solving adventures of five friends who love science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Each episode celebrates diversity, African culture, and a love of learning.

Kids Cooking with Zoe (age 8-10)
Ten-year-old Zoe is a cooking sensation. Viewers get to follow her as she cooks nutritious meals and snacks for her family, inspiring kids to be creative with food.

The Wise Channel (age 8-10)
The Wise Channel offers music videos and instructional content that invite kids to ask questions and think critically. Kids can learn about notable people or watch music videos with positive messaging related to social and emotional learning.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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